Selene Yacht Charters -  Enjoy a memorable yacht charter on one of the most distinctive, well built yacht available today.  Your friends and family will enjoy the unique touches, distinctive style and grace that  characterize Selene yachts. Beneath all that elegance is an ocean-crossing yacht of Category A ratings, proven for its quality, strength, durability, and dependability.

2008 Selene 62
2001 Selene 53 Explorer - Sleeps 8, $1,100/day (+ charges) - Sarasota, FL USA
2005 Selen3 63
2005 Selene 63 Explorer - Sleeps 8,  $1,300/day (+ charges) - Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
2005 Selene 53
2005 Selene 53' - Sleeps 6, $1,500/day (+ charges) - Delray Beach, FL USA

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